S3 API Compatible Object Storage

Powerful yet simple object storage infrastructure carefully engineered to deliver superior performance, flexibility, and scalability. Use cloud object storage solutions from phoenixNAP to easily store and scale all types of data across multiple geographic locations.

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Upload large amounts of data and scale up or down on demand.

Predictable Pricing

Predictable Pricing

No hidden charges. Only pay for storage and outgoing bandwidth usage.

Globally Available

Globally Available

Available across three data centers: Phoenix, Ashburn, and Amsterdam.

Free Internal Traffic

Free Internal Traffic

Transfer as much data as you need within our network absolutely free of charge.



Use the flexibility of the S3 API to easily store, retrieve, and manage your data.



Fully protected and secured storage, data transfer encrypted with SSL.

Store petabytes of digital content
without experiencing performance degradation.

Object Storage Use Cases

Achieve real TCO savings with object storage from phoenixNAP. Whether you need to store petabytes of digital media, server backups, or run Big Data analytics, object storage easily expands to support your ever-increasing storage needs. With automated replication across multiple data center locations, your data is protected in case of hardware failure, natural disasters, or ransomware attacks.

Multimedia storage

Use object storage to store high volumes of images, graphics, video, or audio files and make them accessible to your users anywhere in the world at lightning speed. Add more storage and easily scale as your digital content grows.

Machine learning

Store and access massive datasets and let your machine learning or artificial intelligence applications take full advantage of unmatched object storage scalability, robust APIs, and rich metadata. Data access from phoenixNAP IaaS solutions is free of any bandwidth charges within the same location.

Data archives

Protect your digital archives from accidental deletion, disasters, or hardware failures. Object Storage is ideal for businesses that require reliable elastic storage to ensure compliance with long-term data retention policies and maintain low costs of these operations.


Object storage is a safe and secure option for storing backups of all kinds of immutable data. With automated data replication, you will always have a copy of your assets to restore, keeping your business operational in case disaster strikes.

Downloadable content

If your application includes downloadable content such as software, large documents, media files, or even video streaming, object storage can take the load off your servers to deliver faster downloads.

Static website hosting

Enhance the speed and availability of your static web pages with minimum investments. Object storage provides an inexpensive way to host static web assets such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

“phoenixNAP continually impresses us by being outstanding in every regard. The network is rock-solid, and the facilities are secure, clean and attractive. Their product offerings are diverse, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable – ideal for tailoring solutions to every situation we’ve encountered.”

– Scott Barclay, President of Main Advantage Technology Services

Object Storage Powered by Cloudian

Powered by cutting-edge object storage systems from Cloudian, phoenixNAP object storage enables you to store and process exabytes of data. With built-in native S3 support, easily manage and access your data through simple S3 API calls.

Enable Immutability to Tamperproof your Backups!

Leverage phoenixNAP’s Veeam-compatible S3 cloud object storage to create a virtual air-gap and bulletproof your critical backup data against ever-growing ransomware threats.

Backups are essential for ensuring business continuity, which makes them increasingly attractive ransomware targets. Cybercriminals today rely on encrypting and deleting backup data first to cripple organizations’ ability to recover. This way they make the ransom payment their only choice.

The new Object Lock data immutability feature, available in Veeam Backup & Replication V10 and above, enables companies to prohibit any changes on the stored data for a specified amount of time. Backups are protected against accidental and malicious modifications to ensure their availability in case of a disaster.

Even if cybercriminals manage to gain access to your backups, they won’t be able to delete or modify them as the Object Lock feature would keep them protected in an immutable state.

Cloudian Diagram

Flexible and Predictable Pricing

Manage your storage and outgoing bandwidth usage from an intuitive control panel interface and pay only for the resources you use.


First 10TB / month $0.0220 per GB / $23.00 per TB
Next 90TB / month $0.0205 per GB / $21.00 per TB
Next 400TB / month $0.0195 per GB / $20.00 per TB
Next 500TB / month $0.0185 per GB / $19.00 per TB
Over 1PB / month $0.0175 per GB / $18.00 per TB

Outgoing Bandwidth

All incoming bandwidth is free. Data transfer within the same geographical location is also free while transfer between different locations is charged $0.010 per GB.

First 30 TB / month Free
Next 70 TB / month $0.030 per GB / $31.00 per TB
Over 100TB / month $0.025 per GB / $26.00 per TB

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