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Network/IP Pricing

Streamlined Provisioning and Management of Public IPs

As part of Bare Metal Cloud server deployment process, you can seamlessly provision public IPs to assign to your instances. Our flexible options let you cost-effectively deploy resources you need and easily scale as your demands grow. You can also bring your own public IP blocks to switch to BMC seamlessly.

Public IP Allocations

Public IPs make your server instance accessible outside of private networks. You can assign the range of allocated IPs to a server instance. The public IP allocation will incur charges even if it is not assigned to a server instance.

Available Options

IP 31

2 Total IPs

1 assignable

Linux OS

$ 0.0056 /hour

IP 30

4 Total IPs

1 assignable


$ 0.0112 /hour

IP 29

8 Total IPs

5 assignable


$ 0.0224 /hour

IP 28

16 Total IPs

13 assignable


$ 0.0448 /hour

The /31 public IP allocation can only be used with Linux.
Other allocations are compatible with all major operating systems. To purchase public IP allocations larger than /28, contact sales.

Bring Your Own (BYO) Public IPs

If you already own public IPs that you would like to transfer to your Bare Metal Cloud servers, you can contact our Support Team and we will import your IPs for you. These blocks will not be billed as part of your Bare Metal Cloud spend and do not count against the account quota for the allowed quantity of public IP allocations.

Looking to import your own IPs?

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Flexible Bandwidth Options

Get 15 TB of bandwidth free with your first Bare Metal Cloud deployment (5 TB in Singapore) and share it between all instances on a single location. You can further upgrade with our flexible bandwidth packages that help you keep your traffic costs low.

For details on the bandwidth packages, visit this page.